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The Cincinnati Kid Album (2014)

Artist: Main Flow
Produced By: VR Dopeshit Records
Features: Ragga, J Sands
Video Production: Alex Bentley, Main Flow

Main Flow's long awaited album just dropped on 7/4/2014! Pick up your copy in the shop section

Live Again Album (2011)

Artist: MOOD
Produced By: Jahson
Features: Ragga, J Sands
Video Production: Vital Films

Live Again is Mood's continuation of their 1997 album Doom. Mood covers a variety of every day life situations, expressing a new age of consciousness. Talib Kweli praises the Ohio rappers in an interview w/ Vlad T.V regarding Mood as some of the first artists to discuss every day problems caused by the elite world leaders.

Return Of The Castle Album (2010)

Artist: Main Flow
Produced By: Snowgoons, Jahson (Mood)
Features: Donte (Mood), The Grouch (Living Legends), Esoteric, Chali2Na, Ragga & Justin Werner
Video Production: Vital Films

ROTC made noise worldwide when it was released in 2010. Main Flow's long awaited album debuted some of his top tracks to date including "Keep On Loving Me, "The Armory", and "All Goes Down". Main Flow campaigned Return Of The Castle across South America and Europe.

Flow Season Album (2006)

Artist: Main Flow + 7L
Produced By: 7L
Features: 7L, Grouch (Living Legends), Whosane, Cormega, Esoteric
Video Production: Vital Films

"Flow Season" stood out as the crowd favorite and received great reviews in the June 2006 Scratch Magazine, Elemental Magazine issue 76, and the UK's Hip Hop Connection Magazine. Well into 2014, the track "Stack Up" remains a fan favorite

Notebook Assassin Album (2005)

Artist: Main Flow
Produced By: Jahson, DJ Drez
Features: Buckshot, Killah Priest, Donte (Mood), Soulstice

Hip Hopulation Album (2004)

Artist: Main Flow
Produced By: Hi-Tek, 7L, Reason, Da Riffs, Vin Roc, J Rawls, Beyonder, Nace
Features: Raekwon, Talib Kweli (Black Star), Esoteric, Defari, Killah Priest (Sunz of Man), Black Thought (Roots), Soulstice, and fellow Mood kindred Donte

Often recognized for the underground hit "Hip Hop Worth Dying For". Talib Kweli's southern californian fans enjoyed a substantial increase upon this track's release.

Castle Diplomat Album (2001)

Artist: Main Flow
Produced By: Greyboy (Greoyboy Allstars), Hi-Tek, Jahson (Mood)
Features: Donte (Mood), Supreme, Reason

Main Flow's first solo album succeeded expectation overseas, sky rocketing his solo presence in hip-hop beyond the U.S. Main Flow's overseas fan base began early in 2001 and has grown into and impressive percentage of his educated fan base.

Doom Album (1997)

Artist: MOOD
Produced By: Hi-Tek
Features: Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Holmskillet, Darryl Irby, and Sunz of Man

Doom is the 1997 debut album of hip hop group Mood. It features production by DJ Hi-Tek and guest appearances by several artists.

Album: Mood (1995)

Artist: MOOD
Produced By: Traffic Entertainment Group, Brick Records
Features: Talib Kweli, WBC

Mood's very first album, which first brought them to prominence in 1995.